Maximalism: the design trend that’s replacing minimalism

For the last decade or so, minimalism has been all the rage among interior designers. An esthetic that embraces simplicity, minimalism favours basic geometric patterns, muted colours and unembellished furniture and accessories.

Recently, however, there’s been a new trend exploding in the interior design world — maximalism. A reaction against the less-is-more mentality of minimalism, maximalism embraces bold colours, luxurious fabrics, detailed patterns and a melange of accessories and styles. The maximalist approach encourages you to design interiors that display your creativity and reflect your personality.

If you’re tired of sparse, minimalist interiors, here are a few tips on how to achieve the maximalist look:

Make a plan. Although maximalist interiors may look artlessly eclectic, they have to be carefully planned to avoid looking kitschy and overstuffed. Even when experimenting with clashing patterns and designs, you should organize the room symmetrically and have an overarching colour scheme.

Be true to yourself. While minimalist interiors can sometimes feel impersonal, maximalist interiors showcase your personality through unique combinations of styles and decorations. Choose colours, patterns and accessories that reveal something about you and your interests.

Try it in small doses. Start with a few decorative touches, like adding a mix of brightly coloured throw pillows on the couch, putting up patterned wallpaper or investing in a few statement pieces of furniture or decor.

This winter, embrace the maximalist trend. Brighten up your home by integrating vibrant colours, loud patterns, gilded decorations and richly textured fabrics into your living space.

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